What You Can Learn From Your DNA Test Kit You Received As A Present

DNA test tubes and cotton swabs, wipe test

Your DNA Holiday Present can provide a wealth of past information

Receiving a DNA Test kit for the Holiday?  Your next thought should be, am I that person in your life who already has everything?

You thought gift cards were always a safe bet from friends or relatives at this stage of your life, but then you saw it: a DNA test.  A dozen years ago, this gift would have sounded absurd to think of giving someone a DNA kit as a holiday gift. Since the growth of TV shows and advertisements, learning about your past has become increasingly popular. COVID slowed many
people and allowed us to reach back into our lives and understand more of what makes us who we are.

The giver of the DNA kit may not understand why the kit might not be met with universal enthusiasm. Understanding exactly what these tests are can help you to better appreciate the thought. You should just smile, thank the person for the thoughtful gift, and then think. Set this present aside and let the person know you will have fun researching your history.

DNA tests can provide a wealth of information about you. Still, they can also reveal an unexpected relationship with a loved family member in a family that may not always welcome the news.

What if you learn about a beloved grandfather who is not your blood relation? Or the new family that you never knew existed? While learning about your heritage this way can be an incredible learning experience about you and your legacy.  So many people take these tests without thinking of the potential ramifications beyond the fun of it.

As mentioned, these tests can hold surprises and hard-to-understand information that genealogy experts can help simplify. Many genealogists are undoubtedly willing to go through the fine print of what a test may show with someone before they send in their DNA sample. They can give you a list of the pros and cons of each test. When the results return, a genealogist can help you to interpret the data that comes back a few weeks or months later.

A DNA kit with bows will undoubtedly bring many conversations over the holiday dinner table. Not all DNA tests are the same, so do your research and arm yourself with all the information you need to understand and enjoy the gift as it was intended.

If you have any questions or want to know what I can offer to help you dig “outside the box” and find your story. Feel free to contact me!

“We are the Ancestors of tomorrow, so we must ensure that we pass on our stories today. “