Southern Shore Genealogy

Do you want to know more about your heritage? To be able to tell your children and grandchildren your family story? It is essential that we learn about all of those who came before us. By understanding their lives, sacrifices, and the brave decisions that they made in their lives, we can better understand and appreciate where we are today.

Services that we provide:

Genealology Researcher:

Tracing an individual’s ancestral history using a variety of historical records.

Forensic genealogist:

Provide searches for legal cases including heir searching, quiet title research, name changes, oil and mineral rights, adoptions, etc.

Artifact Genealogist:

Using heirloom objects to help tell the family story such as religious objects, jewelry, photographs, old newspaper articles, and more.

Generational Genealogist:

Looking back through specific generations of an individual or family, usually about 25 years per generation.

Spiritual Genealogy:

Researching ancestral spiritual beliefs and practices.

DNA Specialist:

Interpreting DNA test results as part of a professional family history research project.

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