I created Southern Shores Genealogy to assist the public in discovering their family roots.  To help with getting your tree developed and to bring in new ideas to provide the concept of “outside the box genealogy.”  

I have been doing my family research for over 30 years, even before Ancestry came into existence. Once the new tools have become available, I felt the passion grow to learn so much more about the family that I have not known.  Born and raised in New England, I realized that family history could contain many heritages.  Working through the years, I was able to provide the documentation to prove my lineage to two Mayflower passengers.  

I recently finished two courses offered by Boston University that helped enlighten me and bring in the new aspects of Genealogy.  These courses and studies on Genealogy have helped me to shape what I can offer.  I am currently a member of several other societies and am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.  These organizations provide a wealth of resources to keep up with the ever-changing world of Genealogy.

Today’s Genealogy still assists in finding past relatives.  At Southern Shores Genealogy, I want our clients to understand that much more is available when we teach people to think “outside the box.”